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We help people discover a more peaceful relationship with themselves and each other.


to breathe

Genesis Beijing is a public space that people can use in a personal way – to take time out, think, breathe and spend time with friends.

It encourages us all to take a break from the standard routines of our lives, to connect with others and explore new sides of ourselves.

There are many different ways to experience Genesis Beijing:

As a place to escape, there are public gardens, which are designed to encourage positive states of mind and are home to some of the most beautiful trees in China.

As a place to feed the mind, there is a rich cultural and education programme, devoted to exploring and improving our place in the wider world.

As a place to work, there is a new kind of office environment designed to treat people as whole people, not just as company employees.

"Act without doing, work without effort...therefore the master takes letting things take their course..."
- Lao Tzu


Let yourself

Genesis Beijing is deeply rooted. Whilst it addresses very modern needs of mental wellbeing, it has been inspired by many great thinkers and philosophical concepts of the old world.

Two key ideas have been particularly influential:

‘Liangzhi’ from the 15th century sage Wang Yangming or ‘inner intelligence.’ According to Wang Yangming, everything we need to be good, fulfilled people is right within us. We just need to tune into it and discover it.

‘Wu wei’ from the ‘Tao te Ching’ by Lao-Tzu also a form of ‘inner intelligence’. According to the Tao te Ching, happiness comes from being immersed in the moment – losing ourselves in the pleasure of a task or journey.

Genesis Beijing encourages us all to find the things we need to discover our ‘flow state’ in life – that state of being where we experience life as effortless, intuitive and connected to the people around us.


The experience on offer at Genesis Beijing has been in part inspired the by the Daoist concept of wu wei.

Wu wei – the art of living effortlessly – is about responding to the moment and pursuing possibilities as they arise. It is about being open to change and finding our flow in the bigger picture.

Wu<br/> wei

Finding wu wei

We can find wu wei when we pursue our real passions and strengths in life. By pursuing these according to our ‘gut instinct’, we find our flow.

For Lao-Tzu, this is the key to a happy life. It is not something we must do on our own – it is often achieved by being part of a bigger community.

Finding wu wei

Wu wei today

Today, we may talk about wu wei as ‘being in the zone’ or ‘being lost in the moment’. Wu wei is a state of letting go and allowing deeper instincts to guide us.

It is also often a state of receiving continual feedback from our surroundings, allowing us to learn and improve at what we are doing.


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