Genesis Beijing

Genesis Beijing is an exploration of different states of mind.

Our site is designed to offer spaces for pause and reflection, for concentration and play, for learning and sharing.

It is an experience that will adapt to different moods and moments in your day. The site is all about the people that use it. It is designed to broaden the richness of human experience.

Whilst in the museum, you can socialise with an artist. Whilst at work, you can find stillness and space. Whilst taking one of our classes, you can work on real life problems in the wider world.

The connections you make, the journeys you take, are up to you.

"Flow is the balance between too easy and too hard"
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Our Workspace

At Genesis Beijing, we are building a new type of workplace and a new culture of business.

Genesis Beijing is about much more than just work. It treats employees as whole people who have many sides of themselves, both personally and professionally.

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Our Museum

In 2018 we will be opening a new museum at Genesis Beijing. It will be a place for you to discover as much about yourself as art and artists. It is a space to tap into and reveal your own creativity.

Our museum will be more than a place that displays art. It will reveal the making of it. We will make it possible for artists to share their own creative journey and to invite you to experience and explore the artistic process. So the museum will be a studio for you to experiment, not just observe.

Our Hotel

In 2017, Genesis Beijing will also become the home of the first Bulgari Hotel in Beijing. The hotel will be an integral part of our site experience - we will be inviting our guests to take part in all that is on offer.

Given the wider offer of Genesis Beijing, we hope to offer visitors an experience which is more enriching than the typical hotel stay.

Our Gardens

Designed by international landscape architecture firm ENEA, our gardens are core to our philosophy of mental wellbeing. They have a narrative of their own, drawing together colours and forms, exploring ying and yang, and creating a geometry with the river at the centre. Our Chinese pines, drawn from all over China, are living sculptures throughout the site.

Within this setting is an outdoor amphitheatre hosting a cultural programme of music, theatre and film – a space to feed the mind and soul.

As we create an experience to help the people who use it grow, we need your help. Tell us what you need from Genesis Beijing to get more from your daily life and more outside of your daily life.


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