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At Genesis Beijing, we are building a new type of workplace and a new culture of business.

Our workspace is designed to be less closed, less isolating and less static than the traditional office approach. It is designed to give employees more space to think, more space to breathe and more freedom to discover, learn and explore.

We also encourage our tenant organisations to be outward looking and to take a fresh perspective on the wider world. We help them to look after their employees and to gather new stimulation and understanding from the world around them.

We look to help everyone find a greater sense of purpose.

As part of the workplace experience we also offer:

  • The atrium, with a rich cultural and events programme
  • A canteen, devoted to healthy eating and wellbeing
  • Club facilities for employees, proving extra meeting pace and networking opportunities
  • A state of the art gym, to suit the personal schedules of employees
  • WIFI coverage across the entire site


The floor spaces within our office buildings are large (up to 4000m2) and highly adaptable allowing organisations to house large numbers of staff on a single floor. The floor to ceiling height of 2.85m gives a feeling of spaciousness, natural light as well as a great view. Movement between floors is also extremely easy with no more than 30 seconds wait time for a lift.

We also offer a steam humidification system, to provide air comfort and an air purification VAV system to guarantee fresh air volume of 40m3 per hour and a highly efficient air purification system capable if reducing 90% of PM2.5.

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For leasing enquiries please call 010 6563 2988


Our office towers are designed to LEED gold standard specification. An environmentally friendly approach has been used through the conception of the buildings from designing stage through to operation and management.

Water supply and AC is highly energy efficient, with most aspects of the building being managed through automatic control systems. We also have a rainwater collection system as well as provision for recycling water.


Our buildings are provided with a full fire protection system and a professional property management team to ensure the smooth operation of all our fire protection facilities.

The buildings have a CCTV system with high definition camera in all public spaces. Security coverage is 24 hours a day with additional night patrol.

Genesis Beijing is shaping the future of work with a pioneering vision focused on wellbeing – from the smallest technical details to the rich community experience designed to help people and organisations find their sense of purpose. If you want to be part of creating this workspace, speak to a member of our leasing team.


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